Defence Science Institute


  • Access to specialised PhD expertise
  • Used for controlled practice growth
  • Suitable for short-term skill needs
  • Eligible for R&D tax incentive
Rapid Results
  • Short, intensive 4-5 month projects for quick implementation of results
  • Quick turnaround on establishment
  • Responsive to changing business needs and priorities
Hassle Free
  • IP stays with company
  • No employment requirements
  • Pre-approved contract
  • Simple and transparent model
  • Proven and trusted

The Defence Science Institute is a proud collaborator with AMSI Intern in providing research higher degree students the ability to apply their knowledge and solve real defence-related industry problems. The value of this program is not to be underestimated, increasing the size of the Defence industry ecosystem will ultimately lead to stronger innovation in this industrial sector.

Dr Regina Crameri
Associate Director, DSI

The Program

The Program

AMSI Intern is a not-for-profit national program building links between businesses and universities. This partnership with Defence Science Institute (DSI) will provide financial support to businesses servicing the defence sector, delivering a cost effective solution for tackling research challenges.

Businesses can access high-end quantitative and analytical expertise from Australia’s leading universities to benefit the defence industry.

Postgraduate students, along with their university supervisors, come from all disciplines to partner with industry through 4-5 month tightly focused research internships.

  • Develop and innovate for future growth
  • All Intellectual Property remains with the company
  • Payroll, insurance and public liability covered by the University
  • Connect with educational institutions
  • Access to academic supervisor with specialist expert knowledge
  • AMSI Intern manages admin necessities with quick turnaround times
  • Bring a new skill set to your business
Program costs

Program Costs

Businesses meeting certain criteria may be eligible for financial support from the Defence Science Institute.

DSI Voucher


Financial support from the Defence Science Institute in the form of a $10k Voucher
Your Contribution


  • A full time PhD student
  • Supervising expert
  • Facilitation fee

Total five month program cost $26k ($3k per month Student, $5.5k Academic Mentor, $5.5k Facilitation Fee)



  • Proposal must have Defence relevance
  • Intern OR business must be Victorian-based
  • One DSI Intern Voucher per business per year
  • Business must be a DSI Participant OR an SME
  • Proposal must be for R&D relevant to DSI’s technology themes or to enhance Defence industry outcomes
Defence Science Institute (DSI)
Defence Science Institute (DSI)